Friday, September 3, 2010

Which quality best describes your life?

The quality that best describes my SL life is creative. I am a Princess in Scepterd and we always share stories and make up our own and write stories! I also love to draw pictures and upload them to SL and tell stories about them. Also, I am starting up a Kid Scouts group called Whipper Snapper Scouts and me and my friends MaryKate and Daisy need to be very creative in the building of the land we have for it. We are making it a candyland so there's lots of different... candy! We have giant gummy bears, lollipops, lemondrops and licorice! We had to be very creative to come up with those ideas and we always have to think of new ways to do something. We also had to design uniforms for the group. We had to be very creative to do that too. Another creative thing in my life is that I am a writer for !The Clubhouse! magazine. I have to think of new ideas every month to write about and think of interesting ways to write the story. If I wasn't creative my stories would be boring, so I have to be extra creative and keep thinking of new ideas.

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